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Thread: where to get EL backlights?

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    Question where to get EL backlights?

    I have a Pic-an-LCD module from
    this module uses an optrex 20x4 display and comes stock without a backlight. I think i've seen some people saying that u can just scrape the refelctive surface of it and then stick an EL backlight behind it... can someone point me to a web site that says how to do this, and where can I buy an EL backlight with power supply relatively cheaply?


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    It would be best to find an LED backlit display to replace yours.

    You can't fit led's beneath yours because of clearance, you may be able to fit an EL strip, but you would need to get the right size. The cheapest way to get the right size is to remove it from another display, buy why bother if you have another display.

    Reason to buy an LED backlit LCD instead of an EL backlit LCD? EL dims over time very quickly. The hot car environment accelerates their aging also.


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