Hey, first off, I want to know a specific type of LCD screen I should take a gander at, I'd put this in the LCD forum, but the topic is more about a general mod than an LCD screen. But anyway...

1.-I want an LCD screen that will fit a '92 Chevy Camaro RS.
2.-Definitely a motorized in-dash type of LCD
4.-VGA Imput (I want to install a standard Xbox inside, not a 360, is this all I need? A VGA imput? Any Xbox Mods?)
5.-Blue display... The clock, the LED's, etc (if possible, it'll go with my interior blue-glow theme)
6.-TV receiver would be cool but not needed
7.-Under $800, if possible?
(I don't exactly need a touchscreen either)

I don't exactly know the most efficient way of doing this, I'm sort of new to modding and auto electronics (Although I have friends who can probably help). I already have a nice CD player in my dash, and I can't exactly take out my heat and temperature controls. I was wondering if it would be a big project to cut a hole to put it in front of the passanger seat? I was thinking having the Xbox right under the LCD too. All of this sort of sitting on top of the glove compartment box.

I got a place to store the games, and controllers, but the modding part is what makes me curious, I'm extremely cautious and careful with this stuff, so I want to get as much imput as I can, any ideas/tips/suggestions/alternatives?