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Thread: garage door IR unit, relocating doubledin cd changer

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    garage door IR unit, relocating doubledin cd changer

    2 questions, anyone got any ideas?

    I have a 2001 V6 accord.. its got a garage door opener IR unit mounted on the ceiling, does anyone think I could use this to send signals to an IRman?

    I want to put a 7" widescreen where the stock cdplayer is, its a double din cd changer.. i dont want to completely get rid of the cdchanger, so do you think it would be feasible to stick it somewhere else? for example, theres a compartment between the 2 front seats that it would fit in.. would it be really messy to wire something like that up?

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    are you sure that the garage door opener is IR... most are RF signals... if it is IR, then you should be able to program the IRman to recieve the signals from the opener... mind you i have no experience with the IRman so take this for what you think its worth.

    moving a radio is easy... all you have to do is extend wires and construct something to secure it down.... but keep in mind that you need some ventilation around the majority of the casing... if you dont give it air it will overheat. you might be able to put it in the glove compartment if you have the room, but that might be too far away from you when driving.

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    It's probably RF...
    Otherwise, how would you be able to open the door from the outside?

    Incidentally, if you use the garage door opener on your computer, you'd probably open/close the door every time you changed songs!
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