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Thread: Hard Drives?

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    Hard Drives?

    hey guys, my build is in a ford explorer, so its pretty much a full fledged desktop in the back quarter of the car, anyway, i was thinking about hard drives, and how desktop hard drives dont have much shock resistance, so do you guys think a standard Maxtor IDE will do the trick? or should i look elsewhere?

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    many use standard drives... works fine but laptop drives are considered more durable & draw less power

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    Do a little searching, this topics has been covered in depth... try "hard drive mount", "hard drive vibration", etc...

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    I have a full size Western digital HD which i used in my car for 3+ years and owned it for over 4. The HD has been through some serious Thermal and physical abuse and has never given me a single problem. If you already own a Full size Hard drive you might as well install it in the car and see how things work out for you.

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