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Thread: Double Din Car PC Touchscreen VGA

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    Double Din Car PC Touchscreen VGA

    Anyone seen this?

    Shapaa Technology SPC double7

    800x480 VGA touchscreen, composite and VGA input, intel 475 motherboard, 40gb hd, seems to have it all.

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    Damn, what's that big ugly oval thing on the head unit? Way to ruin the whole look.

    Just noticed. Looks like they use RoadRunner and Zots' skin on the screen shot. Hahahahaha.
    iGMon - Integration between iGuidance and Road Runner
    CFX - Skin for Road Runner

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    That's just a DWW-700M sitting on a PC enclosure that's single-DIN.
    You can achieve the same results with some fabrication work for a lot less, I'm certain.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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