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Thread: Custom Cut Acrylic or Aluminum

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    Custom Cut Acrylic or Aluminum

    I would like to get a rectangular piece of acrylic or aluminum cut out and has a hole in the middle for a screen. Anyone know a good place online or local to get this done? I locate in OC, CA.


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    drop an email to this guy:

    i emailed him about getting a small piece of aluminum cut, and his quote was around $25. But, it would probably help the cost if you come up with the CAD design yourself..

    Honestly though..i ended up just cutting the piece out myself.
    - Get a fine tooth blade for your jigsaw, and cut the outside perimeter.
    - drill a series of holes where you can to cut the inside pieces, then with just a hacksaw blade and some oil (wd-40), start cutting. Of course, cut on the inside of your line.
    - file it down close to your line. Obviously, when you cut, don't cut too close to your mark, you want room to file it down and make it nice and straight and smooth.

    Alittle bit of time and patients and it'll come out perfect, and you saved yourself some time and money.

    I attached some pics of the pieces i cut by hand using this method.
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