I'm having trouble finding a decent chassis for the carPC I'm buildling. I've checked the usual suspsect for something that would be suitable, but am striking out. I'd like the PCI slot so I could add a wireless internet card via a PCMCIA PCI card, potentially turning my car into an always-on internet connection for my personal and business use. But finding one that has both a PCI slot and room for the M1-ATX is turning out to be damn near impossible, and none of the chassis I've seen would lend themselves to modification for one or the other.

The only one that comes close is the Opus, but that has a built-in power supply, which I won't need, is friggin' huge, and costs about double what I'm willing to pay for just the chassis alone.

Any help locating something that would fit the specs as-is or at least lends itself to simple dremel/hacksaw/drill modification would be appreciated greatly.