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Thread: seperate amp for carputer

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    Question seperate amp for carputer

    Ok... Right now I run my speakers straight from my headunit. I was thinking, could I run my carputer out into an amp and then to the speakers as well. So, basically have two connections at every speaker (two pairs of speaker wires to each spkr). Would this work? and would it harm the headunit while the the carputer amp was on and vise versa?

    Thanks for suggestions.
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    It would work, but, you could end up harming the head unit the speakers, and the amp in doing so if you really need a way to get the 2 sources working together then, use a y-adapter, or some type of switching deviceand run both the radio, and cpu to the amp, and the ampm to the speakers.

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    Just run the HU to the amp as well. Even the cheapest amp will put out more power than your HU, no matter what brand.


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