I need some advice here.

Im running a Laptop in the boot of my car and basically im having issues with it where the display up front is constantly flickering and distorting. Annoyingly i cannot pin it down to anything is particular as sometimes it works fine for a while and then happens yet sometimes it doesent work at all and flickers from startup.

Compaq Evo NC610C
Windows XP SP2
1 Gig ram
Sitting on a port replicator.
7" touch screen flip up monitor from www.karputer.co.uk (http://www.karputer.co.uk/karputer.p...risedindashvga)

I have tried various different things to try and resolve this

1. Monitor directly into the machine
2. Monitor directly into the port replicatior
3. Laptop with drivers for internal gfx card
4. Laptop without any drivers (Base XP Build)
5. Laptop at various different resolutions and refresh rates.
6. Forcing the resolution using powerstrip
7. Connected the laptop to the pc monitor in the house (works fine)

I am damned if i know whats causing this problem as i can be driving for 20 minutes and then all of a sudden it would appear that the screen looses its signal and then returns. A few more times of this and the image on the screen will start drifting and then returning to the centre. After this then teh screen just starts flickering and loosing its signal constantly.

Everything is pointing to a problem with the screen but i am able to watch dvd's on the screen using its AV inputs.