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Thread: logitech harmony 628 remote anybody have expereicne?

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    logitech harmony 628 remote anybody have expereicne?

    Has anybody ever used one of these remotes? On the amazon page it describes it as being able to "watch dvd" or "watch tv" with one push of a button. You can hook it up to a USB port on your computer to program it too. I think it would be far easier to bypass the front-end and use something like this.. best of all they ahve it on sale for 39.99 + free shipping... Anybody have experience w/ this product
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    It's for home systems. You'd have to probably use something like Girder and have an IR reciever, then figure out how to program everything on the remote so it works.

    The 'Watch TV' / 'Watch DVD' buttons can probably be programmed to turn on specific components and later change the input / channel as appropriate.

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    Remote Functionality

    The one touch buttons are for the components etc. Pressing the DVD button will power on the DVD player, switch your receiver to DVD/Aux Change your TV volume if necessary, and even change brightness and etc.

    The USB Conectivity is for the programming so you don't have to put codes in. You connect to the USB then go to their website and put the model numbers off oll of the components in your home theatre and it automatically programs the remote for your home.

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    they are great, i have an 885 (USA = 880) but i wouldn't bother in the car, the touchscreen is much easier in that scenario

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