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Thread: Invertor problem - strange!

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    Red face Invertor problem - strange!

    I just put a TFT screen and a invertor + Playstation in my car, before the installation I tried everything and it worked perfectly (with all the plastic of the dashboard in my driveway). But after I put the dashboard back in it's place, the invertor keeps beeping when I turn my car on (Even when I don't connect the Playstation) and does not output any power!

    In the manual it says it is has says the constant beep means that the overload protector kicked in. But isn't that strange when I don't even have my Playstation connected? This protection is done by a microcontroller.

    The invertor is 150W and the guy at the shops said it is strong enough for a Playstation.

    The strangest is that it worked in my car before I put the dashboard back in it's place

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    When installing the dash plastics, you didn't damage the power cords at all? jam it between two pieces? or put a screw through it? Try unplugging all the power cables from the inverter (AC side) and turning it on. Its sounds like a dammaged AC power cord. Plans and progress on my install - (Updated 28 June 02)
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    I'm guessing that it is cutting out when you cut the car on. If this is the case it is do to the overload protection. My inverter does the same thing, and I have to reset it once started to get it to work. I plan on putting a capacitor in parralel with the power to compensate for the loss, unless someone knows a way to disable the protection.


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