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Thread: SP13000 won't boot

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    SP13000 won't boot

    I recently had a problem with my OPUS PSU catching fire. OPUS have repaired it for me - great service - but now the SP13000 won't boot. The fans start to whir and the lights get lit on the keyboard, but nothing more. I have tried using an alternative mains based PSU but still get nothing useful. I have tried booting just the board with no CD, no HDD, no RAM and all permutations. I have triel alternative PCI graphics card. I have cleared and recleared CMOS with and without battery removal.
    I think it is dead. Any ideas from anyone?
    Also can anyone tell me if the SP13000 beeps when it boots? I hear nothing from it, but I can't remember if it should beep.
    Anyone know the warranty period for VIA boards? I have had it 13-14 months (I live in UK if this makes a difference).

    If it is dead anyone any recommendations for a better product to replace it with? I wonder if my HDD. DVD rom, RAM will be ok still?
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    yes the board beeps once if it is booting normally and you get different beeps on boot depending on what is wrong. If yours isnt doing that and you have tried everything you say then I would say its dead probably due to what ever killed the power supply. Its quite common for a failed power supply to take out the motherboard with it along with anything else atatched to it.
    Cant remember what the waranty is but it will either be 1yr or 3 either way if it was caused by the power supply it wont be covered anyway, that said they might just replace it without checking.

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