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Thread: which processor is best for carputer?

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    which processor is best for carputer?

    title says it all. which processor would be best for a carputer considering how the car bakes under the sun.

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    All depends on what you plan to do with your system. You could always underclock your processor, so that it runs cooler in the summer time.

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    The best celeron processor is the 1.5v celeron 566

    (assuming you don't underclock anything)
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    I would thingk the best would be the moble processors.... Also look into the VIA C3 processors. M.A.V.I.C. System
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    So can you use a mobile processor on a regular Socket 370 motherboard like the FV24?

    I wonder if the motherboard could even take advantage of the "Mobile" extras that the processor has. (Not exactly sure what they are...)
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    You can't really find mobile cpus on the open market, nor can you use them on a desktop board. they use custom, tiny packages (micropga, micropga2, etc). You could buy a p3m and a laptop board (both likey only found as system pulls), but that will run you more than a standard setup. the only thing that the mobile chips have over the desktop chips is something thats done by the chipset and not the chip, and thats speed/power reduction/saving features. infact, the athlon4/athlonxp/athlonmp are all the same core (mobile/desktop/server).

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