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Thread: Used Audigy 2 NX

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    Used Audigy 2 NX

    Has anyone here purchased a used Audigy 2 NX, the USB sound card. I'm looking on ebay now, and found a couple of listings from the Creative Labs company of factory refurbished Audigy 2 NX's.

    [Ebay Quote]
    This product is factory refurbished and sealed by Creative. Some items may have minor cosmetic defects.
    [/Ebay Quote]

    Do you think it would be worth it to save up to $50 for a used Audigy 2 NX. Supposedly the only thing wrong with it is cosmetic things if its been refurbished.
    Does anyone on here have a used one? Hows it holding up? Was it worth it?

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    This is going to totally up to you because who knows what was wrong with it before.

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