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Thread: noise control. [laptop soundcard noisy]

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    noise control. [laptop soundcard noisy]

    I did a search but no topics found on noise related laptops.

    ok, Im installing my laptop in to the car. my head unit runs fine. I have 2 amps and a x-over. but if I use the out put from my laptop I get wonderess noises. now I know its the onboard sound car picking up the hd, and verious ground sounds. but the question is how to surpress it. a cap on the laptop power sorce dosent seem to help. any thought.

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    Re: noise control. [laptop soundcard noisy]

    sounds like you have a ground loop. try to ground the laptop PSU to the same point in your car as the amps, etc.....

    if your running your laptop from battery power, you may have a floating ground problem...... same deal basically... the laptop needs to be grounded correctly....
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    There are many ways for noise to be generated...

    one is the fact that the amplifiers try to amp up whatever input they get, so if your laptop volume is low, then they will amplify the background noise,

    You could try turning up the volume of the laptop.

    But to be honest I had crappy sound coming out of the laptop, so I got a USB D/A converter and have been happy every since.

    Which one...well the guts out of a Labtec LCS-1040 USB speaker system...$15 on ebay.

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    I had this exact same problem (could hear mouse movements and such) and the driver update solved the problem completely

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    Do those USB D/A converters actually use a sound-card or some kind of onboard sound? Or is it simply that the software sends the digital signals directly to the USB port?

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    Software sends the digital signal directly to the USB port. No other hardware is needed. I like the sound quality on mine, however it makes this random, annoying popping noise. Not too loud, but it's there and you can hear it. It sounds like might be the minipulg input, because if I jiggle that a little it gets worse. I'm thinking about soldering RCA connectors directly to the board.
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