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Thread: VoomPC Ampie Case and HQCT module

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    VoomPC Ampie Case and HQCT module


    I'm planing a new Car PC based on more or less standard components. I really like the VoomPC Ampie case, but I also want to use the HQCT radio module by

    Does anybody know, if I could fit the HQCT radio modulke in the VoomPC case? On they say it could fit 1-2 2,5'' HDDs - I guess the HQCT module is not bigger than an HDD.

    Any experiences with this problem?



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    I think you could fit it in place of the HDD, but what would you do for a HDD?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    at they said the case would fit 1-2 2,5'' HDDs - I understood that I would be able to put in 2 HDDs (or one HDD und one HQCT module). I could also use a Compact Flash card for booting windows (tinyXP) and an external 2,5'' HDD. I just don't want to have the HQCT module outside the box as it needs the USB connection and the power supply.....

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