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Thread: Noise From PSU Through Wired FM Modulator

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    Noise From PSU Through Wired FM Modulator

    I have an EFM-01 wired FM modulator installed. Whenever the computer is turned on the radio station goes from crystal clear to really fuzzy. Im pretty sure its my M2-ATX. Ive tried using a different 12v source and ground and it was all the same. I even tried putting tin foil around the computer and FM Modulator to see if it made it difference, nothing noticable was achieved. Any ideas on how I can fix this? Its stressing me out. Without the PC on, ie an iPod input, it sounds GREAT. When the PC is on from either the PC or an iPod its barely audible. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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    I've determined its definetly the PSU making the interference. How can I reduce the emission? I tried tinfoil but that didnt work. I know most PC's have that metal shield that comes out but.. would it just work to cut that up small and put that around the M2?

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    Just wondering if you've searched or hit up the FAQ section? This is the most common problem for everyone here, that uses an FM modulator.

    My recommendation: Check the ground on your power supply, inverter, and fm modulator. Is it grounded to bare metal? Are they grounded to the same point? Are you using a ground loop? etc...

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    I checked the FAQ. I thought most of the problems were due to alternator noise with the matching RPMS and what not. Ill check again. Thanks

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    I just installed a FM modulator, DVD player and LCD screen in my wifes truck yesterday, all grounded and powered from the same locations. Should they not all share a common ground? The modulator is grounded to a metal cross bar under the steering column (not bare metal). The volt meter read same as if it were bare metal, if it makes a difference? I don't have a PSU in the car.

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