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Thread: mini-itx w/dual display?

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    mini-itx w/dual display?

    is there any way to have a mini-itx board with dual display support? would i'd need to use the pci slot for it, that is the only way i can think of it supporting dual display. i dont mind having one vga, 1 composite out, does the via mini-itx boards allow the use of the tv-out and the vga to be used at dual displays (extended desktop not like mirror display). on the same note, i want to use one screen to display the front end and the second screen to display vehicle diag info

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    you can do a split screen with a VGA splitter/booster and windows. XP supports it.

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    Dont' know what VGA splitter/booster he's talking about, but I think pretty much the only VGA alternative out there is Matrox's Dual-Head 2 Go.

    This setup lets you do extended desktops, which you may be able to do what you want with.

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    Matrox's Dual-Head 2 Go is a peace of sh#t

    It's a great concept but it lacks support. It's really picky about the chipset you are using and sometimes it doesn't work on the chipset it's capatible with. Also you have to run your res at 1024 *768 per monitor. The only realiable solution is to use a pci dual video card. Disable the onboad video and run both vga video from the card. Depending on the board some via boards will not handle dual support very well. I tried it on a M2 K with 64mb of video ram and the cpu % was about 90 or more most of the time while running video on one of the screens. I used the same board in ibase 896 with 1.73 pentium M and the cpu usage was about 25%. Also since most vehicle power supplies can not handle the real high end pci graphic cards I recommend 128mb or less and with out a fan on the card.
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    I agree with the above, no where does it list the graphics chips used on any of the EPIA motherboards as compatible on the website. I would have to pass until someone proves it works.

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    Well dual display worsk on the MII 12000 board but the only problem is that it doesn't have alot of options. Like I am using RR and want to be able to view dvd on the second monitor but RR will not allow it to display on the second monitor. RR takes control of it.

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    Thread resurrection

    I found this thread while searching for Dual Display Options (after having searched for all other variants of the subject).

    Are there any updates to this topic? I'm looking for a mini-ITX solution that will allow me to run 2 touchscreen monitors (both lilliput if it matters). So I will need 2 VGA outputs. My plan is to have GPS or gauges on the upper monitor and the music playback front end on the lower monitor.

    What's the best way to accomplish this?

    I do not want to use anything larger than Mini ITX and I do not want to run 2 car computers!

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    most will have a dvi and vga, so you will need an adaptor and then you will have dual vga, note though it will have to be a nvidia or ati/amd setup, as they will probably have it, not sure if intel makes dual video's but it might have. My money is on geforce/ati

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    Here is another solution:
    since its usb it'll use the cpu's resource.

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    We've used the usb VGA adapters at work and they do pretty well. I don't know how they would work with DVDs though. You might also look at the new USB monitors. It might be cheaper than a USB adapter and monitor solution.

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