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Thread: my computer wont boot to windows, says "Boot From CD :"

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    Quote Originally Posted by tj!2k4
    if you're using the PS2 mini keyboard, I'm pretty sure it has a del key.. I believe you had to use the Fn modifier, though.
    if it does, its not labeled...

    carputer - done.

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    sorry, i was thinking of the "backspace" key (symb + spacebar).. my bad.

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    problem solved -

    after i changed the boot device order (for some reason USB FDD was #1, i would never have set it that way) to put 'Hard Drive' as #1 it still didnt work, but only said "Building DMI Pool" with a flashing cursor under it...

    then i checked the Hard Drive boot priority, and for some reason they were also out of order, so i put my boot drive as #1, and then rebooted, and it worked

    hope this helps in case anyone else has a similar problem...i dont know why it all got switched around...
    carputer - done.

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