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Thread: iPod Charge + Audio out

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    iPod Charge + Audio out

    I'm trying to get my ipod to charge, and output audio, over the dock connector.

    So far I have found this from Belkin.

    Has anyone had experience with this? What is the quality of the audio output? How easy is it to hack?

    Or, is there another alternative?

    Here's my project.

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    Audio quality is pretty damn good, but that's because it's not tapping into the headphone-out. I hacked mine by hooking it into an ignition-switched hot lead and I'm good to go. What some may like is it has its own volume control so you can match the Ipod's volume to the radio, etc., instead of having to futz with the radio's volume when switching radio/cd/ipod/etc.. Also, it has an auto-power off feature that shuts down the Ipod when the Belkin loses power. You won't drain the Ipod's battery(or your car's) by having it stay on. Pretty nice unit and I highly recommend it.

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