I have $60 im gonna spend for my mp3car- i decided to forget the IRMan and those other controllers cause new ones are right around the corner, and i already have a decent input (small wireless keyboard).. I was thinkin of going and buying a 300watt inverter (overkill, but listen).. Cause i dont know when ill have the money to get a AIWA stereo or anykind with input, so i was thinkin of using an old stereo in my house here thats not being used.. My mp3player is running on it right now, sounds good for being a 1977 stereo! Its an old RadioShack REALISTIC stereo, 4 channels, am/fm, but its big so ill leave it in the trunk too.. The reason for getting a 300watt inverter is cause theyre only 10 bucks more than the 140watt, and if i get 300watt then i can use both that stereo and computer (stereo says right on the back, input 12v 100watt).. That leaves 200watt for computer which sould be plenty. Then i just connect from soundcard to stereo (already have that cable), leave the stereo volume halfway up and use winamp volume control (stereo hooked up to a pair of Altec Lansings in house actually is damn loud at only half volume).. then ill just go from stereo directly to speakers in car (i only have a pair of 6x9"s now.. but i was maybe even thinkin hook up the 6x9"s and the altec lansings in my house (i can fit them on the floorboard behind the front seats) look kinda stupid but at least it plays loud)... or what?
Anyways, do u guys think where im trying to go here is a good alternative since i dont have a million extra $ like most of u?
Summary: 300watt inverter, go to 100watt home stereo and mp3 computer- go from computer sound card to stereo. leave stereo at half volume, use winamp for volume control- go directly from stereo to car speakers.

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