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Thread: External Harddrive to load frontend etc?

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    External Harddrive to load frontend etc?

    Maybe a newbie question - but I couldn't find an answer with search. I am eager to get started on my carpc and would like to purchase a laptop harddrive, install it in a external usb case and load my OS and frontend using my desktop computer. Do you see any issues with loading the OS and frontend this way? Thanks -


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    The boot laoder for the external drive will be referencing the external HDD, not an internal HDD. That will cause you problems.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    OK - Thanks!

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    I dont believe it will be a big problem as long as your motherboard can boot from USB. External laptop hard drives show up as fixed discs. I bet it'll be a bit slow, though

    You'll probably have to install windows using the hard drive as an internal hard drive, and move it to the external enclosure. Thats just a guess of mine, though

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