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Thread: will desktop pc hdd work with car pcs

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    will desktop pc hdd work with car pcs

    i want to do a car pc but the largest laptop drive i could find is like 160gb.well i want like a 320 because i want lots of mmovies and music.will desktop pc hdd work or do they use to much power.

    how big of hdd do u guys have and is it enough

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    Why wouldn't it work? If you are worried about power, then you have to use a power calculator, based on your ENTIRE SYSTEM, not a single component, to figure that out.

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    i dunno i thought maybe the laptop hdd maybe had less power consumption.
    i think ill just get a 250 gb hdd once i build it

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    Search around a little bit. You'll find that quite a few people on this forum, myself included, run desktop drives.

    You just gotta figure out what will work for you. Figure out your system you want first, then you can figure out how to power it.

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    what size do tou guys have and how much do you have on it.i want to have about 100 full movies and like 2000 songs will this big do you reccomend.with movies averaging730mb

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    I'm not into videos at all. I use a 120GB HDD and have about 50GB of MP3s loaded onto the drive right now. That translates to several hundred albums.
    Realistically, you're not going to watch all those videos while you're driving anyway.

    For TheLandYacht and his taxi, I can see having the funky buttload of media for passenger entertainment. For the average driver, it's overkill.
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    i wonder if the higher storage harddrives have thinner disks and are more likely to fail. has this topic been discussed?
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    it will pretty much just to have a wide range of movies without having to carry dvds me and my friends drive to sixflags alot and movies will be good for a car full of bored teenagers

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    Best thing to do, IMHO, if you need a lot of storage is to use a laptop drive (maybe 20 gigs or so) for the operating system and all your installed programs, etc. And then have a separate higher capacity desktop drive for your music and movies. That way, if the desktop drive fails at least the carPC keeps working because the laptop drive will be OK, so you can at least still run your GPS software or whatever; my first system was that way, and it was nice when my desktop drive did crap out at one point to at least still have navigation.

    The other reason I suggest this is that you can focus on actually getting your system running with the laptop drive, before you worry about where and how to mount and power the big desktop drive.

    Putting the desktop drive in an external USB enclosure may be a good idea, some of those are designed to shock-mount the hard drive for a little more durability, plus you can easily unplug the drive and bring it inside to copy stuff over if you need.
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    uhhhh, 100X730 = 73000mb, so thats only 73gb
    2000x5(general size of my mp3's)=10000 = 10gb

    u apparently only need about an 80gb hard drive for the stuff you want on it, not to mention OS, progs and stuff, so you'd be fine with a 120gb even

    320gb?, what you want, like 450 movies, or 64,000 mp3's on ur comp?, i dont think that ur gonna go on a road trip that long, hahaha

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