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Thread: Possible new mini-ITX mobo?

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    Possible new mini-ITX mobo?

    So doin google search's for mini-itx mobos that support the core duo proc, I came across the Commell LV-677 mobo. Looks amazing, then at the bottom of the page I see the LV-677DC but its not a link. So I throw it in a google search and start looking, but I cant find a 100% answer just some "hints" so to speak that it has a DC plug connection. Can anybody help me find out if this board has a barrel connection (i.e. like the Aopen Pandora for example)??

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    The commell LV-677DC has this connector : it can cope with anything from 8-20VDC input and i have it surviving cranks when fed directly from battery.
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    i assume it would support the p1900 psu?

    and how many lanes is the PCIe slot? its physically an x16 slot, but is it an x1, x8, or x16? hopefully atleast an x8

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