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Thread: need visualizations! help

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    need visualizations! help

    hey i have just registered to this site ut have been using i for some time now.

    I have got a 8" screen moulded into my dash and a jvc head unit whcih i play music videos on, i want the screen to display vizualisations insted tho, i have been on the net for ages lookig at new headunits, Personnel media players and i still cant find a way of doing it, i dont want a carputer becasue it would not be practical for me, does anyone know of a way around this problem?

    Thnaks in advance - Rich

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    How do you intend to display visualizations on the screen without some device (like a computer) to generate those visualizations?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I guess the easiest would be to get a DVD with some 3d visu on it for your headunit.
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