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Thread: I'm building a new CarPuter - Help

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    I'm building a new CarPuter - Help

    Hey guys,

    I'm currently attempting to build a carputer for my ride.


    VIA MII 1000MHZ
    512 PC2100
    Travla Shell

    Pioneer AVX-P7000CD
    Pioneer AVM-8000R

    I've installed XP Media Edition on it and obviously, it's slow as hell. I figure the specs on the machine just isn't enough to power a XP-me system.

    I want to find out what you guys have been doing to resolve this issue. I am considering adventuring into the Embedded arena and installing XPe (XP Embedded) but haven't been able to build a successful bootable image.

    What OS do you guys use? I need something that can be used for DVD's, all Audio media, support for USB devices (planning on using some sort of GPS device with the carputer).

    All suggestions welcome. Thanks.

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    Most people don't run MCE. Now, that's probably not a good enough solution for you, I realize.
    I don't have any good advice to offer, other than to look into other frontends that run on XP with no issues....
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Try this forum...
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    check out the faq's section and you'll see how to properly set up a system and what components are commonly used. also check out peoples sig files. most of the time we post what we run there. lastly check out the show off your rides section and see what people are doing. most of us are running xp without a problem.

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    Thanks guys I'll look into it. The only reason why I want to use XP-ME is the ability to use a remote control for my multimedia functions. I'll try the system on a normal XP install and see how things run.

    Do you guys experience lags in processing or during the opening of programs? I did in ME

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    you can still use a remote on just about any pc. just have to get an Ir port and a remote
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