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Thread: cover over lcd mount in dash?

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    cover over lcd mount in dash?

    i am going to mount a 8.4 inch lcd into my dash and i was wondering what people use to cover the borders to make it fit well with the dash and look clean. is it a good idea to just use bondo? i have no experience with it so i dont know how it works but ive looked on other posts and saw that people used it but not exactly how.

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    I believe most people use fiberglass. There have been a couple past discussions about this, just search for them. M.A.V.I.C. System
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    Hopefully youre not thinking about attaching it with bondo.

    Bondo is good stuff. Very good indeed. It actually would nicely fill in the gaps if there are any, which I assume. Just be prepared to sand it down until its very soft. Then just prime and paint it or use vinyl; I'm sure that most use the latter.
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