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Thread: A better Slim CD/DVD connector

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    Post A better Slim CD/DVD connector

    I am new to these forums and group but I have been lurking for a few months. I am a computer programmer and I have been toying with the idea of building a car computer for 10 years. I finally decided to get something going this year and I have started my project. Note that playing MP3s is way down on the list of things I plan to do but this site and the work you are all doing is a great resource.

    Anyways, check out

    They have Slim CD/DVD ROMS for sale but I don't know about prices as I already bought one on ebay. But they do have very nice Slim CD/DVD connectors that has the Slim connector on one side and a 50 pin standard connector on the other, DIRECTLY across from the small 50 pin JAE connector. Thus this adapter is not much wider than the connectors and would be better in a small space. They only want $10 for these in quantity but $20 for one, and they only accept COD so mine was like $32. These are well made compact adapter and offers better packaging than the one from

    Just wanted to let everyone know!


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    Yeah, I tried to tell peopel aobut these earlier but no one wanted listened to me. I ordered one a good 6 months ago from these peeps. Good quality and they work great.
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