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Thread: How to fix laptop white screen? Add a power button?

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    Question How to fix laptop white screen? Add a power button?

    I was wondering if anyone had any tips on fixing my laptop's screen.. it sometimes works but more then often not it comes up with a white screen show in the picture.. its a toshiba portege 3505 Tablet PC.. Paid 200 for.. think that was a good deal? anywho.. the touchscreen still works just the screen comes up white.. The reason why i want to fix it is when im at work i unplug the laptop and plug it into the radio player to play my music.. anywho.. Anyone have any ideas how to fix it?

    Also.. the powerbutton is on the screen.. any more ideas how to add a switch or something for my car?

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    With the laptop turned on and the screen being white, try to squeeze the bezel around the LCD. See if you can find a soft spot that changes the screen back to normal colors.
    If you do find such a spot, an easy fix would be to put something (tape/rubber/paper-towel/etc.) underneath the bezel to keep some pressure on that side of the screen.
    I understand there's a touchscreen there... Be sure that nothing is pressing against it.

    As for the power switch, here's the most intuitive solution I've ever seen:
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    other than anything physicaly touching the screen or anything being loose, is it being exposed to heat in any way. even suing it with the screen folded down may cause it to retain some heat coming off the unit. I've had my screen become extra bright and sometimes white due to excessive heat.
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