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    Lightbulb My Ideas

    I have posted all my ideas up for my MP3 Player at my website ,if anyone could have a look and give us any feedback it would be much appreciated.

    Thanks a lot

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    Well, it looks like your set in the right direction with everything you are going to need. I think you are making an excellent choice in your LCD. That's probably one of the most universal types and has been pretty easier for us to work with. Be sure to check back here if you run into any problems wiring it all up. Can't wait to see your progress.

    One note here.... I have a feeling that people are having a hard time reviewing your website for two reasons. Number one it took over two minutes to load (I'm browsing through a T1) and number two the background color and the foreground are very close and it is difficult to read the text without highlighting it. Cool layout though. I'm certainly not knocking your website, just wanted you to be aware how others were seeing it.


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