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Thread: What is this type of cable called?

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    What is this type of cable called?

    Just as the title says, what is this type of cable actually called? I need to extend the control buttons on my touch screen about an extra foot or so since where I have the screen now isnt large enough to have the buttons where they were made to be. I would just solder, but its so small I dont think I could do it without accidently bridging some of the pins. BTW, there are 13 "wires" in the cable

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    it lookts like ribbon cable to me... are you trying to find the exact name? like "usb" cable or "ide" cable? its probably manufacturer specific if its internal from the buttons to the board.. hopefully some hotshot will show up and save the day.
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    easiest thing to do when soldering ribbon cables, is to use a utility knife, and seperate all the wires, its kinda tedious, but just cut about an inch or so, so you have one wire off to the side, solder that one, then do the next.. so on..

    might be the only way, trying to find ribbon cables sometimes is a PIA

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    Try, armen may have some longer cables for that. Send him an email, his website doesn't show all of what he's got. What kind of a screen is it from?

    Try RevFE
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    Thanks for the replies. Ive tried searches for ribbon cables, but all that I come up with are actual individual wires. Heres another pic to further show exactually what cable it is. It is not individual wires, more like printed metal only plastic. Its from a 7" touchscreen monitor. cant remember what brand now and the part that says it under a bunch of bondo, so im not gonna look it up. Ive tried googling every set of numbers/letters printed on thecables, but got nothing. I might give a shot at seperating the cables with a knife, because i think that should work for what i need. Only problem is, I need both ends to have the flat connection, so im going to have to cut in in the middle, stip off the covering, and then seperate it.

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    FFC - flat flexible cable
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    Quote Originally Posted by psyrex View Post
    FFC - flat flexible cable
    I've wondered about that for a long time as well. Now I know.

    Psyrex, do you know where I could buy FFC individually? Everything that turns up on google seems to be OEM/custom order stuff.

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    Alright, one more question then. What is the pitch referring too? i know the number of wires (13) but what is the pitch? Im guessing something like the space between wires, but I see standards of .5, .7 or 1.0 on websites. Whats that in? mm? Also, is it the space between wires, or the distance from the center of one wire to the center of the next?

    Thanks for all the help.

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    On ebay there is usually rolls of this stuff. You don't need a 13 wire one either, so if all you can find is a 20 wire than only solder 13. If you are soldering only the gauge and needed length should matter.

    *edit* And here is a site with rolls, just found it
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