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Thread: Inverter, CarPC, Amp in the trunk - Ventilation issue?

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    Inverter, CarPC, Amp in the trunk - Ventilation issue?

    My car is 06 Honda Accord Sedan.

    I am still in a planning stage. So far I am leaning toward a system that will have...

    1. Distribution block with 4 Gauge Wire directly from Battery.
    2. 800 ~ 1000 watt inverter (with auto on/ turn off delay)
    3. MicroATX P4 computer (don't know exactly what it'll be)
    4. 4 channel 400watt Car Amp

    All in the Trunk. No subwoofer planned.

    Now that's a lot of heat being generated.

    If the trunk is air sealed, then the air temperature in trunk will rise to an unacceptable range. Especially if we go on a 10-12 hour road trip, the air in the trunk will get really hot.

    Does the trunk has ventilation by default? Do I have to worry about it?

    I ed here with "trunk ventilation", but no one seems to care. Does that mean that it's really a non-issue?

    I even thought about "tuning" the trunk as a ported sub by cutting an 10 inch hole in the rear deck (where the rear speaker sits) and mount two subs and ports to get some air moving.

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    i got same car as yours
    there is no ventilation in the trunk whatsoever, why don't use a low power computer or laptop? and a dc-dc power supply instead of inverter

    btw, did you find who sell this?
    Honda Accord '03+ owners.. Have you seen this setup?

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    Vehicles are not airtight. Anyone ever suffocate on a 12 hour car ride? Didint think so. if you remove the rear bumper, most cars have two plastic grates with rubber mats that hang over them. THese act as vents when the pressure in the car rises slightly. Hot air = expansion = air going out these vents. Can i say for sure that your car has these? no. but EVERY CAR ive EVER taken the rear bumper off of has had them. Not to mention, how how do you think the air is when it sits in the sun all day? DO you think your setup will create more heat then the sun and the reflected heat coming off the pavement? Doubtful.
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