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Thread: Jetway J7F2 Csync? (for psone screen)

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    Jetway J7F2 Csync? (for psone screen)

    Hey everyone, been reading this forum for months now (very useful) and am well on my way to putting a car pc in my 4th gen Prelude.

    I will be using a psone screen and up until now I was going to use a celeron 2.6 with a matrox card to drive the screen, I have messed up the motherboard a bit and it is looking a bit too large so I was considering getting the J2F7 which seems like a good board for the money...

    But will it drive the PSONE screen properly? I would rather not have to build the c-sync circuit or get a pci matrox card........ Anybody have one of these boards and have any experience or who can run powerstrip on it and see if 720x5(something) interlaced would be an option?

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    That board uses the via PM800 chipset with video onboard. I'm guessing probably not...

    Try RevFE
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    Hm... maybe MatrixPC's sync circuit is my option then.... save the pci slot for something else... maybe... I have ordered it now anyway so will just have to play.

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    the board also has s-video out, just in case the c-sync doesn't work out

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