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Thread: video car problem.

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    video car problem.


    Im planning on takin apart an old pc and mounting it in a smaller case for my carpc. My question is the original video card on the pc started acting up ex: the image had horizontal shadows like when i opened windows and such.
    I replaced the video card and the problem was solved. The pc has since had that video card removed and in my closest. now that I pulled it out I tried powering up but realized that it had no video card. I tried the original and no picture. I then tried a working video card from my newest pc and nothing. No image. the pc powers up but the monitor does not recognize the pc connection. what do u guys think is the problem? I HAVE searched the forums but found little help. Thx.

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    does the board post without the g card
    if not then its not the video card
    try get it to post even with error codes

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    ok i the agp slot doesnt work. i tried with a pci video card and it worked!

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