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Thread: Extra wire runs?

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    Extra wire runs?

    Im guessing others have done it, but Ive never really seen it mentioned, so i thought id bring it up . while my interior is taken apart (as it has been for the past 3 months now ) ive taken the outlook of "what the hell" and run extra wire runs to the front passangers side, under the dash, and to the "remote control box." I've got an extra 7 "control" wires that run out of my inverter and computer, a vga connection incase I ever want to add a vga lcd, a usb connector, a keyboard connctor (used by the wireless keyboard receiver, but accessible) and a 120vac extension from the inverter, so ac accessories can be powered (I pull ~160w off my 360w inverter).

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    Ability creates necessity.
    That kind of thinking will keep you occupied for years to come. Let us know how your new projects work out!
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    Yeah, next time I have the interior out of my car I want to run some new speaker cable, and some Cat-5 runs from the front to the back...Just extra space incase I need it.
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    Down One side of the car I have got:
    A single large gauge positive from the battery to power the two Amplifiers and the DC-DC PSU.
    A remote wire from the H/U to the amps/control relay for the DC-DC PSU
    3 lengths of Cat5 network cable. One for 8 Winamp COM control buttons. One for the alphanumeric LCD from the LPT port.
    and one length for odds and ends, like HDD activity LED, Reset switch, + other stuff I am yet to think of.

    And down the other I have got:
    A pair of Phono leads from the player to the H/U AUX IN.
    A pair of Phono leads from the RCA OUT on the H/U for the subwoofer Amplifier in the boot.
    Two lengths of paired speaker cable from the Rear Speakers OUT on the H/U to the AMP for the 6x9's on the back shelf.

    And I still haven't got a player that is working properly.
    or a case... or built my PSU....or got an LCD... or got a proper HDD...or ... Well at least all the wires are in the car ready for it.
    It all looks a bit complicated to me

    1st attempt went OK, but was too slow. Next version is all onboard, will use push buttons on the com ports, got a 200MHz 6x86, 128MB RAM, Winamp. Sproggy 2.6 kit in progress. 12GB Laptop HDD. No case yet!


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