Sorry beforehand if this question is sf. I'm trying to see if I can power my system from P1900 without any additional modules. Are my calculations correct?

Sirius connect (with Mitch's module): 12V, 18W
AOpen Mini pc: 19V (can be 12 V from what I understand), 75W
Lilliput 701: 12V 19W
USB hub: 5V, 11W

Can I just connect all 12v devices, togather on a 12V rail and usb hub on the 5v? Total power is kind of tight (if the sirius connect box is what I think it is in wattage). I don't want to overpower the PSU, so if the calclulations are correct, then I'd have to buy the 3rd output for P1900 or a standalone point of load. Is that right?