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Thread: Got more money than brains?

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    Exclamation Got more money than brains?

    Are you one of those lucky individuals who has more money than brains? A person who hears 'ignorance is bliss' and says, 'I ain't blissed! I ain't drank nothin' today!'. Well if this is you, then this might be the perfect product for you and your mp3car project! Now featuring the new low low price of $6,995 (not including subscriber charges) I present to you the mobile satellite solution for all those people to whom 8 channels just aren't enough while doing 73 mph on the freeway. Get your own today at:

    Actually this would be a killer piece of hardware . . . if I were Bill Gates or something. If anyone ever buys this thing (or something like it) you have GOT to tell us about it. heh.

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    But wait!

    Sale Price: $5,691.00
    Ground Freight: $125.00
    Now for the low-low price of... Um, no. Still ungodly expensive. My car didn't cost that much.


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