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Thread: Mini ITX or Micro ATX

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    Mini ITX or Micro ATX

    I'm in the process of rebuilding most of the computer and audio parts in my install. Before I purchase anything I'm hoping to get some more information, and some experiences people have had...

    So if you choose to go with a Mini ITX form factor or Micro ATX, please post about your experience / and or whether you feel it was a good choice!

    I'm mainly wondering how much of an advantage it is to get a mini ITX, i.e. did you really conserve any space?

    Seeing as the mini ITX route appears to cost more money, and resourcefullness was it worth it?

    Just general input is useful too

    Right now i have a micro atx mobo, case (micro atx case full size pci slots), creative audigy (usb), low pro linksys wireless card (pci), ayay sir gps (usb), and an amp with front and rear rca inputs (i.e. no optical)

    At the moment im deciding whether or not to switch to mini itx, seeing as how i would need a new sound card one way or another if i was to switch to optical

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    The space saving is great. Beside that, its all on what you like.

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    Well i've spent awhile taking apart my car and looking for any ideal, or an even somewhat suiting location for a mini itx pc, and there really are'nt any.

    In my car, all spaces that would house a mini itx pc (suitably) would also fit a micro atx pc.

    I guess I just don't see the reason as to why so many people swear by them.

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    i'm doing the same thing mini-itx is good for space,but this time i'm going micro-atx with a p4 cpu,it is true that itx is enough for the most of the carpc needs,but i really like the idea of a faster respond of my carpc,micro-atx with a p4 need's more power,but the opus 250w is now available,watching prices,is almost the same,i think i'll go with micro-atx p4 route.

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    It's SUCK if you go ITX with VIA CPU.
    search ..... then read ... see how many people on this board are complaining about VIA performance. Well, it actually really good if you only run winamp and GPS app.
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    Thanks, i had not heard anyone complaining about their lack of performance before. I'll have to search on that.

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    Mini ITX
    It gave me the optical out for sound that I wanted.
    Room for 2 mini PCI's - WIFI.
    Room for a PCI - vid card
    Options for expandability wrt processor upgrades when prices drop.
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    There are more than one mini-ITX that give all those options, and more. LV-673 is the one I am using right now: 1 mini-PCI, 1 PCI-X, optical out, and 5.1 out for sound, uses a Pentium M (2.26 gHZ for me, plenty fast).

    There are others like this as well, easily found in this thread
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    How is the AYAY GPS? I keep wanting to order one on ebay, but waiting to hear more feedback. Also, I'm looking to use it with about a 10 foot USB extension cable, and the company couldn't verify it would work (they have only tested with a 6 foot).

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    I'm going Micro-ATX, why because i bought the MB off ebay for 25euro, the P4 2.66GHz for 40euro and the 512PC2100 RAM for 30euro all delivered, made an mdf case for them. Add the cost of an DSATX or Opus 250 and i'l still come in under the cost of a Mini-ITX P4 Board, plus i really don;t like the idea of only one PCI slot, i plan to add more USB2.0 Ports and a LP Creative Audigy Card.
    P4 Celeron 2.2 - 512MB - OPUS 250 - Audigy SE - BU353 - HQCT - No Speakers though :-(

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