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Thread: New Car PC possibility-Acer Power 1000

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    Hey all,

    I received a mailing from one of my distributors about a very compact pc. It has a Sempron 3200+, 512MB, 80GB HDD SATA, DVD/CDRW Combo, GigaBit LAN, WinXP Pro,Onboard VGA nVidia 6150 an dimensions are 250 (W) x 60 (H) x 200 (L) mm . This is equiped with an xternal 90W adapter (couldn`t find the voltage).

    This seems very nicefor using as a Car PC. Maybe anyone already played a bit with it. Here`s a link to the Acer site:

    There is also a 2000 version with an Core2Duo

    Then we only need to mod it for a nice shutdown/startupcontroller

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    Just saw it at Different internals though.

    decent price too.


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    I inherited the 2000 version, supposedly a DUD. LMFAO I made it work with new ram but the PSU I am using is working way too hard to keep going for long. This beast requires 19v DC at 7.1 amps! Does anyone know where I can get a replacement PSU for this PC and possibly a DC to DC option? I am sorry to hijack this thread but I need help from the pros. TIA
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