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Thread: ur opinion: Carputer verses HEadunits with OTS (Tochscreen)

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    Question ur opinion: Carputer verses HEadunits with OTS (Tochscreen)

    Hey guys,
    A good headunit like "JVC KW-AVX706 " cost around $550, even a Kenwwod or Pionner Headunit with Navi system will cost $799. Of course its easy to hook up and you will have a Navi system, Reverse Cam, Video in/out, u even can hook up ur Ipod with an adapter.

    So now, here i am. I have a Ipod Nano (2GB) and I might upgrade to a Ipod 30GB.

    A Xenarc Tochscreen for 350 (new), a Motherboard (Celeron D) for $70, a 2.5 HD (60GB) for $80.

    I do have a 1200 Watt Sony amp and have all my speakers already setup in my SUV. Most computerparts I can get fro free (RAM, CD Drive, Dell Motherboard)

    I just want to have nice tunes, sit at home on my PC and upload via wireless all my Itunes file to my SUV and just jump in my vehicle and play my stuff.

    Now. I look up all kind of info on mp3car and i would like to build my carpc. BUT I don't want to have every 1-2 month problems with the setup, or have a long bootuptime, or even spend more then $600-$700 which i would spend anyway if i go with a headunit mentioned on top of this thread.

    GPS , ODBE is nice and i might go with that IF I go the carpc route but not really a need.

    so what you guys thing I should do? and do u guys thing i will spend more then $700????


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    Personal Opinion: For me this is a hobbie. which means there are going to be problems, it's a computer. But the control you have vs. a built in unit it's a little better, sure you can get a built in unit but what happens next year or the year after, if i'm not mistaken you'll still have the same built in unit (cant really upgrade technology there) but with the carpc you can add whatever you want as technology presents itself. I used to run one of the alpines and loved it but every year the next coolest thing came out. and at 5-700 a pop upgrading a carpc is much cheaper. know, that guy...

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    Here's how it breaks down for me.

    Carputer setup, 600-1000(Screen 200, Sound 200, Rest goes into laptop or built pc and wiring + odbII, I already have a laptop so I'm good there)

    Now the only premade units I'd consider are $1500 Minimum. Then you have to add on for vehicle information, for backup camera support, tv tuners, satellite radio, all that are mostly addons and all are mostly expensive compared to above.

    Even after all of that you wont get wireless internet, you wont get wireless lan support, You're limited to what software it comes with. Harddrive space if it has one would be dismall compared to a carpc. It's easy to add games support. You can do video recording. GPS Tracking/Logging. Have you're contacts easily accessable, integrate phone control cheaply. Better route planning. Store and play video and audio easier and better. It's nice to have an entire season of a show on your harddrive instead of swapping dvd's for long trips. And you're limited to a smaller screen.

    Pro's to a retail product:
    -Slightly shorter boottimes, but it depends on what you have and the unit you're comparing. (My friends pinoneer Z1 takes about 12 seconds to cold boot up) With standby or hibernation you can beat that on a some carpcs. Or at least match it.

    -More compact unit. Although you can make a damn small carpc

    -Less power needed

    -Easier Intregration to factory or aftermarket sound setup.

    With that being said I dont see myself spending 2 grand plus to get a retail system how I want it. Esp since it still wont do everything I Want. The 700 dollar entry level units don't impress me. The best one at the price would probably be the Pioneer D2


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