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Thread: USB hdd fast enoug ??

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    USB hdd fast enoug ??

    Hi. I've go t a question about USB. I've never used it and heard it's kind of slow. I was thinking of getting a 40 gig USB hard drive for several reasons.

    1) they can take more of a "beating"

    2) I 'm goign to be running linux, and I can create a windows partitoin, so I can put teh deive in to anyone elses computer and get their MP3s.

    I've heard USB is slow. would it be fast enough to play my mp3's ? I'm confused on how it works. when i play an mp3 will it read it with the HDD and then have to send it through the USB cable to teh mobo to get to teh sound card? is this whole USB thing a bad idea ? tell me what you think ? I've search the forums for USB..didnt; come pu with what I'm asaking about..


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    Using one now...

    I LOVE MINE! I have a USB to IDE adapter. Got it from . I put it in the car on the way to work...pop it out and bring it into the office. Back in the car...then back to my desktop. Great portability!!

    USB 1.0 (which is what mine is) is more than fast enough to play mp3s. You run them from the usb drive. Most newer usb drives are usb 2.0 which are 40 times faster than 1.0 and like 10 times faster than firewire. 1.0 vs 2.0 wont make a difference when playing mp3s...just when transfering a massive amount of files. USB 2.0 requires a usb 2.0 card in your computer but are backwards compatible. Hence you can use a 2.0 drive on a 1.0 card...but you only get 1.0 speeds.

    As far as taking a beating, I understand that they are basically what i have...a hard drive and an ide to usb adapter. Hence, they will take just as good a beating as a regular hd. I put a 40 gig quantum in mine. It takes a good beating considering the truck im driving and the fact that i just throw it in my bag on and drop that on my desk every day.

    ONE NOTE: Most of them require an external power source. The cheaper ones at least. Bestbuy is carrying a new brand STORIX which dont require and external power source and are USB 2.0. Considering the great usage I am getting out of my current one Im probably gonna get a second.

    Here are a couple that Im looking at: check pricewatch for best rates. The second one by buslink can be found MUCH cheaper.

    I'm a me if you have any questions on my old setup

    My way outdated website:

    FYI: I sold my 96 4Runner and bought a 1985

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    USB's actual throughput is a function of many variables. Typically, the most important ones are the target device's ability to source or sink data, the bandwidth consumption of other devices on the bus, and the efficiency of the host's USB software stack. In some cases, PCI latencies and processor loading can also be critical.
    Assuming only the target endpoint consumes a significant amount of bus bandwidth-and both the target and the host are able to source or sink data as fast as USB can move it-the maximum attainable bandwidth is a function of the transfer type and signaling rate. These bandwidths are given in chapter 5 of the USB Specification (480Mbps). In practice, most hosts can reach the maximum isochronous and interrupt bandwidths with a single target endpoint. With bulk transfers, typical transfer rates are around 900kb/s to a single endpoint, increasing to near ideal transfer rates with multiple endpoints.

    As you see, there are many factors that influence the performance of a USB protocol device.
    Therefore, don't bother...
    Just plug and play!!! :-)
    480Mbps are more than enough for a 4Mb file that it have to read it in 3 minutes...
    Besides.. there is a temp reserved space called "buffer" on your phisical mem, or - and on your hard disc.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Serialk1llr View Post
    Holy thread revival batman!
    I didn't see the dates....


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