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Thread: minimum requirements ??

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    I have a pentium MMX200mhz and i got it to play divx without skiping under dos using quickviewer
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    hi guys i was wondering what operating system was used on these systems.. I am trying to build an Xp system that can do Gps. thanks

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    I suggest purchasing a Pentium 3 :P these have enough power for DVD's, DIVX, Windows XP etc etc


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    Its always better to add onto old, than to start a new thread about the same subject. NOOOB! lol. just joking around.

    DVD's id say forget it.. I ran win98 and winamp 2.x? on my old p200 w/ 64mb ram... was a tad slow, but did fine.

    A DVD system, you should probably use around 1ghz min if you can find it (mobo/cpu combos on ebay go for like $40-80).. There will be a time when processing high speed complex video + in depth sound will tax your machine...
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    a p2 350 will play divx just fine - a high end P1 will play DVD with
    a good video card that has a DVD decoder - most do now

    p2 233 is to slow for Divx DVD rips - but with the right video card
    will play DVDs fine

    I had a compaq laptop with a DVD decoder - it was a P1

    And I had a laptop that had Video in and Out, played
    DVDs and Divx and Had a screen almost the size of a 17in
    screen - it was a Gateway Solo 9150 - p2 350 had a ATI
    rage video chip - even played Tork and unreal

    I suggest purchasing a Pentium 3 :P these have enough power for DVD's, DIVX, Windows XP etc etc
    you can also put XP on a High end P1 with lots of memory
    - I dont recomend it, but it works and is usable - but slow

    with a little know how old computers can be used - buts its
    better to have more power than to little

    but yes, try to stick with a p3 500mhz or more and 256mb mem
    because your needs will grow with time - with a carpc

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    what front ends/OS's are you guys running on these slower setups
    i might just try to revive my p3 450mhz after all
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