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Thread: PC won't power on or off

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    PC won't power on or off

    I just got the DSATX supply from the store here.

    I am using an IBM NetVista motherboard. I took the power switch out, and noticed that is has 4 wires

    I connected the DSATX as per the instructions. When I turn the key to ACC the red light comes on on the DSATX, and the mother board comes to life very briefly. The CPU fan spins, then within 5 seconds, all mother board life stops.

    The DSATX keeps going, but I get no more life from the PC.

    I've tried SEVERAL combinations of the little wire that comes with the DSATX to no avail.

    How can I get this thing to work??



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    meh i originally thought that your psu might be shot, but if it keeps running even after the mobo is off then it cant be that.

    either way, take your pc out of yer car if its in it and try using a normal PSU, you might not be getting enough power or the motherboard might be dead..
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    Look up the specs for the NetVista motherboard to see how the power switch pins are used. IT's very possible that you could make a custom connector that triggers them correctly. It's very likely that the NetVista requires one of those pins to be jumopered for proper operation or something.

    God, I had non-standard hardware crap like that.
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    Thanks for the help. I decided to switch to a GX260 Mobo. (Dell) Still a pain to work with, but with the Dell, I can get it working the way it's supposed to.

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    You could use a multimeter to test which of the 4 wires short when the original power button is pressed. Then connect the DSATX accordingly.
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