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Thread: Shockproof mount.

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    Shockproof mount.

    Appreciate it very much if someone can let me know what is this thingy called? This photo is taken from the link provided by "Peoples".

    And, where can I buy this thingy.

    Thanks in Advance.
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    honestly, thos look like pool cue tips. The screw on type. Looks like someone just threw a screw in the wrong way....
    Thats how it seems to me anyway.

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    a) theres no such thing as a shock proof mount

    b) if you want a decent mount use a couple of rubber band that are stretched - go and have a look at the antec p150

    from :

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    If it's floating using a rubber band, I quess it will work in the normal PC Environment. But would it work, if it's being put inside the car?

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    I saw these or something like them a long time ago. They should be for silencing a pc. More specifically from what I remember to attach the HD to the chassis. That way the rubber absorbs the vibration and helps quiet the pc. I was looking for stuff for building a HTPC, so try going down that avenue to see if you can find it. I tried a search but didnt put too much into. Good Luck!!

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    not sure what those are, but if your looking for shock proof mounts, take a look at RC vehicle shock absorbers...

    with a little tweeking something can be made out of them... and as for shock, i have had no issues with shock. I've been on gravel roads, brick roads, messed up ghetto city roads,... my carputer is still going good.

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