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Thread: Stephen Sin :victim number *~#** !!

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    Angry Stephen Sin :victim number *~#** !!

    Hello all I had a problem with my lilliput indash touchscreen

    Heres what happened
    My first e-mail

    Hello I brought the above through ebay from your company

    The product has been excellent
    Up until this problem developed

    The motorized mechanism has stopped working
    When i start the car
    The screen extends out from the unit
    But the screen does not rotate to its 90 degrees angel
    As there is something wrong with the mechanism inside
    But I can hear the motors inside working

    I am a senior member of and i know
    I have not posted this negative experience on the forum yet as i believe your product to be excellent apart from this issue I have had

    I would appreciate it if you suggested a method of getting the unit repaired or replaced

    here are my details

    Then in October

    i have tried to contact you
    i need your post code so i can send the faulty product

    then he replied

    By the way : I am so sorry for the late reply because i went to hospital for 4 days . so that why i can't go to work and no one will reply my email . please forgive me about this ...

    According to fedex he got the screen back on the 8th of November
    I have e-mailed him 3 times to ask the status of the screen but he has ignored me

    So I thought I would come on here and send him this link
    But it looks like im not the first

    Anyways its up to him if he ignores me
    but Mr sin if you want to play it that way I will shut you down

    If you don’t reply I am going to show you the real power of the net

    Ok its up to
    i want what i paid for

    this has been an advert for

    Sales Representative
    Ex-Audio Electronics Ltd.
    852-2687-6384 (HK)


    To: Stephen Sin

    Blk.A, Rm.804,

    Goldfield Industrial Centre,

    No.1 Sui Wo Road ,Fo Tan,

    New Territories,


    hello i need some help its been over 5 months and they still have not sent my screen back
    what should i do next
    i have one idea where i e-mail people bidding on his goods so as to hurt his pocket

    but how do i get my screen back
    im so ****ed off

    if he did not want to fix it i wish i did not pay another 50 shipping for it what a **** motherfcker

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    Same Thing Happened to me, with a EX-Audio LCD monitor, worked for a week and died, i dont even want to send it back now!!!

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    I have an Ex-Audio and it works fine. But you know, you get what you pay for. It was the cheapest model on eBay, and it broke. You know that the company is based out of Hong Kong. Not in the USA, so you are not protected by and trade laws.

    I knew when I bought mine as I am sure you must have known as well, that it was AS-IS and there was no chance for returning it. It is cheaper to buy a new one, then to send it back and then to send you a new one.

    And all motorized units have this problem eventually anyways.
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    This is the #1 reason I purchased from to avoid the situations that you are currently having.

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    yeah.... thats why i gave in and bought a xenarc, love it.. worth every penny

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    after lilliput in-dash 7" and why???


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