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Thread: HQCT problems

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    HQCT problems

    Hello folks
    I have a problem with my HQCT module. When I start my computer and start either Roadrunner or directly the program to control the module it doesn’t respond. When I try for example to change channels nothing happens. It stays at the same frequency. In control panel under Device manager it pops up under universal serial bus controller as “unknown device”. Nothing happens when I unplug/replug the USB cable but when i unplug and replug the power cable everything starts to work nicely until I restart the computer again then the problem starts again.
    The module is connected to USB2 hub that is powered by the computer 5v power rail as is the HQCT module and I am using nLited WinXP
    When it is working I am very happy with it but this is almost the only problem that I have with my setup so it is really bugging me
    Some ideas anyone? Could I have removed something important in the Windows and if so what would that be?
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    I have the same problem. Currently the HQCT module is connected to my desktop WinXP PC which isn't stripped down. It takes power direct from the PC's PSU. The USB cable is direct plugged into the PC (without hub).

    After booting the PC, it is listed as "Unknown device" in the device manager. When replugging the power of the module, it's detected as a "HID-compliant device".

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    Same problem here. I have to unplug the power everytime in order to get HID-Compliant device..
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    Maybe that!

    Ok, I had the smilar problem with my newly purchased "used" HQCT.

    After searching the forums, there seem to be a power problem!

    I just tried it today, I used the M3-ATX for both the PC and the HQCT, and it always showed a message "USB device not recognized", then I decided to hook it to a separate ATX power box from an old PC, and voila! it worked on the software supplied by

    I have yet to figure out how to appropriately setup RR with HQCT.

    I hope that helps

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