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Thread: strange problem! need help

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    strange problem! need help

    First off, Hi all this is my first post to the forums, been lurking for a while tho.

    Here is my setup:
    Moniter: 8" lilliput touch screen 809GL-80NP/C/T
    Computer: Kinda an odd ball setup but it is the guts from one of these:
    more pics:
    got this off of ebay, and for what it is it runs great and was cheap.
    Running Win xp pro SP2

    Heres the problem, I have Delorme street atlas 2005 on it along with a earthmate GPS. Since I have set this up my gps has had a hard time getting a fix at all. I had this hooked up to a laptop and everything worked great till the laptop died. Then last night i accidently shut off the lilliput monitor and within seconds the gps got a fix(green light on the reciever) turn the monitor back on and it looses the fix, this is very repetable and not random. At first i thought it might be that this computer only has USB 1.1 but so did the laptop i used before. the only other thing i can think of it there is only 128 meg of ram in it.

    got any clues for me to try?


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    Both the TS and Earthmate are USB 1.1 device so that doesn't matter much.

    Could be interference?
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    tried it without the touch screen hoohed up and still the same thing...this is really wierd..


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