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Thread: Is there a windows program (not devcon) to fixes usb reloading during hibernation

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    Talking Is there a windows program (not devcon) to fixes usb reloading during hibernation

    If there was a progran similair to devcon, but a windows program, that reloads the hardware and is easy configurable and RELIABLE, I would like to install it

    Yes I know, but havenīt found anything...

    Have You found anything?
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    code a GUI to control devcon. AutoIT comes to mind as being the easiest to do but you could do it in anything you can code for. I don't know of anything off the shelf, probably because no two pc's will have the same hardware ID's making it not very straight forward to code a universal tool. As for reliable Devcon is, if you find it isn't then your doing it wrong or you system has other issues. I know roadrunner uses devcon, maybe someone over there can help you with a plug-in.
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