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Thread: E46 CarPC with Original HU

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    I do not know why I have not seen this thread before.

    Very nice!

    I was just browsing thru ebay to find a pure FM headunit, but it seems there are only CD, tape or MD. Would have looked even better :-)

    btw. If you had got a radio module from the nav system (BM54) would you not then have been able to control it from the PC. Obviously you could then not run it standalone as you do now (if you still have got the car)

    I am considering that setup if I do not get my HQCT to work properly. (have not given it a chance yet)

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    How did you extend the ribbon / flex cable that goes from the main PCB to the headunit's faceplate?

    Do you have more pics on how you did that part? This is the major problem for me right now as i want to do the same thing...


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