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Thread: Jetway 7f2we-f bios

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    Jetway 7f2we-f bios

    After rebooting the pc the bios keeps searching for floppy drive even though I have disabled it in CMOS Features section in bios. I have choosen HDD as first boot device still the same problem. I have only had the board about two weeks. I bought it from I have updated the bios as well.

    My system consists of,
    Problematic M2 ATX psu (does not power mb after switching the ign on, needs to reset few times), Jetway 1.5 7f2we-f MB, 512 ram, 120gb 3.5 HDD, Voom Pc Case, CD Rom. Please help if you can. Thanks

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    did you disable seek floppy on boot, and remove it from boot priority?
    the floppy actualy appears 3 different times in the C7's bios. I had the same issue when I got my first Jetway.

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